Boston Curb Alert
One movers trash, can be a new home's treasure!

About BCA

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Our Vision for Boston Curb Alert

Boston's Department of Public Works processes approximately 260,000 tons of solid waste and 44,000 tons of recycling, every year.

That's a lot of waste. 

Boston Curb Alert was created as an effort to reduce waste, extend the life of many household items AND keep our streets clean. 

If you see discarded household items on the streets of our neighborhood, Tweet a "Curb Alert" with the street name and photo. (more on how to post here)

Our "Curbside Explorers" can discover items on our site and on Twitter before heading to the location to find a new lamp, end-table, bookcase and more. The curb is your oyster! Anything is possible. 

We hope movers, explorers and community advocates alike find BCA useful. 


Boston Curb Alert Team


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