Boston Curb Alert
One movers trash, can be a new home's treasure!


This is Boston Curb Alert.

Find FREE unwanted household items during Boston's move-in season! Perfect for Allston Christmas. You're one stop shop for DIY projects and upcycling home goods. 

You can find everything you need here, Morty.

About Boston Curb Alert

Boston's Department of Public Works processes approximately 260,000 tons of solid waste and 44,000 tons of recycling every year.

That's a lot of waste, and that's why we created, Boston Curb Alert.

Our mission at Boston Curb Alert is to leverage social data and community involvement to help the residents of Boston discover unwanted household items, discarded during move-in periods, and extend the life of those items.

What We Do:

  • We activate the community to share their unwanted household items on their social channels.

  • We then aggregate the social data for ease of discovery, on our website and social channels.

  • We help reduce product waste by encouraging upcycling, unwanted household items.

  • We provide tools and resources for users to help repair, restore, and update their discovered items.

  • We test and curate the best tools for any DIY project, to help make your dream plan come true.

We hope you find Boston Curb Alert helpful, and we look forward to seeing what the community does next!


Boston Curb Alert Team

Who This is For

Movers & Sharers
You're moving from your home, but want your items to find a new home

Curbside Explorers-
You're looking for sweet curbside finds around your neighborhood and city

Community Advocates
You're a supportive member of your community and want to keep the city clean


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