Boston Curb Alert
One movers trash, can be a new home's treasure!

Community How-To

How community members can get active. 

Street Team How To

First of all, congratulations are in order. You’ve avoided the struggles of moving. Second, thank you for your interest in sharing “Curb Alerts” from your neighborhood. With your help, we’ll be able to share more items and keep the city clean! As the kids would say, “You da real MVP.”

So here’s how you can help...
Step 1: As you're wondering around your neighborhood, and see item on the curb;

Step 2: Fire up Twitter and get ready to send a new Tweet

Step 3: Use your unique neighborhood #Hashtag (listed below)

Step 4: Add the location of the “Curb Alert” 

Step 5: Add a quick note about what your posting. Bonus points for creativity

Step 6: Take a photo of your goods and attach it to the Tweet

Step 7: Press “Send” and watch the magic happen!

Share A Curb Alert Now

Supported Neighborhoods

#MissionHillCurbAlert (NEW)
#EastBostonCurbAlert (NEW)
#JPCurbAlert (NEW)
#CharlestownCurbAlert (NEW)
#BrooklineCurbAlert (NEW)

Got Questions?

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