Boston Curb Alert
One movers trash, can be a new home's treasure!

Curbside Explorer How-To

This is Boston Curb Alert.

Find FREE unwanted household items during Boston's move-in season! Perfect for Allston Christmas. You're one stop shop for DIY projects and upcycling home goods. 

You can find everything you need here, Morty.

Curbside Explorer How-To

Curbside explorer. Urban treasure hunter. Free stuff enthusiast. Whatever you call yourself, if you’re looking for the best collection of curbside “stuff” in your neighborhood, you’ve come to the right place!

So, how do you use Boston Curb Alert. We thought you’d never ask…

Step 1: Visit the homepage (that was easy)!
Step 2: Look at all the “Curb Alerts” in your area, which we source from Twitter.
Step 3: Make your way to the location of the alert and claim the goods.

Yup. It’s really that easy.

BCA Pro Tip

Find something you like?

Send a message to the Poster and let them know you’re on your way!

Yup, we’re encouraging you slide into their DM. 

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